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Violin Mastermind

🎵🎵 Make your musical dreams come true  🎵🎵

For adults, €40,000 for three years

While truly mastering the violin is a lifelong endeavor, reaching an intermediate level of competency is relatively straightforward. At this level, it is possible to hear a popular song and play the melody by ear. It is also possible to learn pieces at this level on your own by reading the music, start to improvise, and expand into multiple genres. 

In this mastermind course, we will meet twice a week for 60 minutes online or in person for a total of 88 hours per year. One hour will focus on Technique, Posture, Theory and Ear Training. The second hour will focus on Repertoire and Technique, Posture, Reading, and Theory as it relates to the repertoire. You will receive a specific assignment to complete at home a minimum of three times in between sessions, and I will teach you how to train effectively at home. You will have access to my Violin Guru videos on YouTube to help with home study, and I am available throughout the week for questions by text or email.

Through this process, you will reach the intermediate level in a short three years! While this might seem like a long time, let me assure you that thousands of people take six years or more due to unstructured lessons, inefficient home practice, or attempts at self-teaching. If you follow this program with integrity and focus, I guarantee you will reach an intermediate level (equal to Suzuki book 4) in three years!




ABRSM is an exam program out of the UK that provides the opportunity to test yourself at each level. It includes a graded playing session, scales, theory, and aural exams. It is compatible with the mastermind program but does require additional preparation. Exam centers are available internationally at different times of the year.


If you would like to participate in the ABRSM exams, we can add in the lessons necessary to learn their repertoire and prepare for their tests. We will do the in person exams for the full benefit of their program. My expenses for the exam will be billed separately. 

This option is only available after year one and requires a separate contract. 

Additional Genres Add-On
Price TBD


if you would like to supplement a song or two in a different genre, this can typically be accommodated in the context of the mastermind program. 

However, if you would like to expand your studies to jazz, worship music, fiddling or popular music, that requires a bit more effort! We can add in the lessons necessary to learn skills and repertoire for your desired genre. When we have agreed on clearly defined goals, we will generate a separate contract for these pursuits. For instance, if you want to play a set with your worship team at church, we will select the repertoire, set a timeline and determine what is necessary too learn the songs and skills necessary to achieve this goal. 

This option is only available after year one. 

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