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Music Lessons for Children

Instruction in Violin, Piano, Guitar in Portimão, Algarve, Portugal

Rebecca Christopherson

I have been playing the violin and piano my entire life, since the age of two! My mother, also a Suzuki violin teacher, received a 1/16 size violin as a gift for me and that was that! I grew up in the Suzuki Method in the United States and also studied with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki for a month in his studio in Matsumoto, Japan. I competed in the US in both violin and piano, winning many local and regional youth competitions. 

I have a degree in Violin Performance from The Ohio State University with minors in piano and cello. I was a featured soloist with the Westerville Philharmonic Orchestra. I have Suzuki teacher training through the Suzuki Association of the Americas, and am a member of the European Suzuki Association. I was a member of the first violin section of the Norwalk Symphony Orchestra for 12 years. Locally, I perform with the Orquestra Sinfónica do Algarve as well as in a solo context. 

I have been teaching in and running my Suzuki schools for over thirty years, and love it more than ever! It is my joy and passion to bring music to others through teaching and performing. I guarantee that if you follow what I teach you and your child, your child will learn to play at a high level and love doing it!

YouTube:SuzukiAlgarve   Facebook:BeckiChristopherson  Instagram: @beckichris   


I create a learning environment that nurtures the child and parent through music. The Suzuki Triangle of parent, child and teacher creates young musicians who love music. My studio is a place of warmth, love and the joy of music. 

I am now offering Suzuki violin, piano and guitar individual and group lessons in my studio in Portimão.


SPRING, 2024: 

MEET THE INSTRUMENTS, ages 3-6, Thursdays from 18h30-19h beginning May 2 in Portimão. The class is €30/month and is a pre-Suzuki class.

MUSIC WORKSHOP, ages 5-8, Thursdays from 17h30-18h beginning May 2. This class is €30/month and is both a pre-Suzuki class and the group class for beginning instrumental students.

FALL, 2024:

I am accepting a new beginning class for violinists and guitarists ages 3-6, limit 6 students. To apply, please contact me to schedule a musical consultation and observation.


Check out this article to determine if you and your child are ready to begin lessons!

​YouTube:SuzukiAlgarve   Facebook: BeckiChristopherson  Instagram: @beckichris   

The Suzuki Method

The Suzuki Method was developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki as a means to develop noble citizens of the world through the study of music. It follows the process of learning a language, by ear first and then with note reading, facilitating an early start for children as young as three. Older children and adults also excel through the Suzuki Method. The parent attends the lessons and helps the child practice at home until the child is old enough and advanced enough to practice on their own.There is a reference recording of the Suzuki pieces to be able to listen to the musical model at home. 

Suzuki children attend classes twice a week, once for an individual class and once for a group and musicianship (music theory and ear training) class. The individual class is during the week and the groups are on Saturdays after the beginning semester. 

Parents of new students are encouraged to read Nurtured by Love by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki prior to or at the time of enrollment. It explains his philosophy on developing the whole child through music education.

Or listen to Dr. Suzuki here

YouTube:SuzukiAlgarve   Facebook:BeckiChristopherson  Instagram: @beckichris   

Music for Special Events

Rebecca Christopherson is an experienced freelance violinist and pianist who is available for your special event! She plays professionally in the Orquestra Sinfónica do Algarve and Algarve Camarata. You can see the Camarata here.

"I wasn't sure my daughter would like the Meet the Instruments class. But, after the first class, every morning she asked me if it was music day yet! We loved the class and are now learning to play music on the violin."

"I learned so much in the Meet the Instruments class, and my daughter loved it. Now we play the piano." 

"Our whole family plays music now, and we are amazed at our growth and experiences."

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